Romney Final Vote: The Real 47 Percent

The Romney final vote is in, and it’s perfectly appropriate. Former presidential candidate MItt Romney made waves when a secret video of him surfaced, wherein he said that 47 percent of the country would never vote for him.

Well, Romney’s final vote is in, and it’s… 47 percent. That Romney final vote is based on the percentage of all presidential votes he garnered in November, and it works out to 47.2 percent of all Americans.

That’s, shall we say, ironic given that 47 percent became such a huge deal during the election. The Romney final vote proves that Romney was wrong about at least one more thing, or at least backwards.

The Romney final vote is the latest in a series of bad PR for poor Mitt since losing the election. It’s probably safe to say that Romney won’t be looking to restart his political career so fast – although, 47 percent is still a lot of people.