Rumor: 5 New Apple Products Coming This Year

How about this for a late Christmas present: 5 new Apple products may be coming this year, including a more affordable iPhone and the long-awaited Apple television set.

Apple had a big 2012, but 5 new Apple products would make 2013 an unquestioned win for the tech giant – if rumors prove true. The 5 new Apple products allegedly on their way include two new iPhones: one with retina display to match the new iPad and MacBooks, plus a version with a larger display, more color options and a cheaper price tag.

That may be the stuff of Apple fanboy dreams, but the 5 new Apple products could also include a game-changer: the Apple Television, long rumored but never seen in the wild. A new operating system in iOS 7 and potentially an overhaul of the iTunes store to include radio could also be on the way as part of the rumored 5 new Apple products.

Apple rumors are some of the hardest to verify in the tech business, since the company plays everything close to the chest. But with the surprises last year, including the iPad refreshing and the iPhone 5, there’s no reason to think 5 new Apple products won’t hit shelves this year.