Ryan Leaf in Prison: Former NFL Star Ryan Leaf Arrested


The downfall of former NFL player Ryan Leaf continues. The former no. 2 overall pick was kicked out of a drug treatment center, and now a judge has sent Ryan Leaf to prison.

Leaf has been in rehab in Helena, MT, but after threatening a staff member he has been sent to a correctional facility. Leaf was charged last spring with breaking into two houses to steal prescription pills, and part of the sentencing in his guilty plea was a nine-month stretch in a drug treatment center.

But now, we’ll see Ryan Leaf in prison again, the latest in a long list of run-ins with the law for the former Charger. Ryan Leaf was arrested after the drug center refused to continue treating him, and he will now serve time in prison.

Leaf was the no. 2 pick in the NFL Draft in 1998, and was nearly the first overall pick over superstar Peyton Manning. But injuries, drug issues and behavioral problems have stamped him as one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

He has had numerous drug-related issues, and Ryan Leaf in prison is reminiscent of other promising NFL prospects who saw their careers derailed, including former USC star Todd Marinovich and former top pick and LSU star JaMarcus Russell.

It’s too bad that Leaf is more known for prison than for football, but there’s a reason “Ryan Leaf prison” trends so frequently online.