Seahawks Call FedEx Field ‘Horrible’

The Seahawks escaped Washington with a win this past weekend, but that didn’t stop them from taking some parting shots. After beating the Redskins in DC, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called FedEx Field “horrible” in an ESPN interview, and the game may back up his claim.

Carroll called FedEx Field horrible in a post-game interview Monday, saying “It was horrible. It’s a horrible field. It was as bad as a field could get for being dry. And it’s too bad. It’s really too bad, and we deserve better. … And it was relative. It didn’t change the game at all, in my opinion, because it was relative, both sides, but we should expect to see a better field at that time of year.”

Calling FedEx Field horrible may be an understatement – for one thing, the field was noticeably in bad shape, even before the game began. Then comes the evidence – ‘Hawks DE Chris Clemons may have torn his ACL during the game, and Redskins star QB Robert Griffin III injured his knee as the game came to a close. RGIII lost his footing in the turf and his knee buckled awkwardly, and the team fears he may have torn ligaments in his already injured knee.

This was a heated affair from the beginning to the end – saying FedEx Field is horrible was nothing compared to Redskins lineman Trent Williams, who mushed Seahawks CB Richard Sherman in the face as Sherman did a little trash-talking during post-game handshakes. Williams apologized, but Coach Carroll made it official by lodging a formal complaint about FedEx Field’s horrible conditions.

In response to FedEx Field’s horrible conditions, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said the team would consider replacing the natural grass with synthetic turf in the future.