#semester10: Scratch DJ Academy ft. A-Trak, DJ Kool Herc, DJ QBert


The origins of hip-hop and its long standing legacy were commemorated Wednesday night, Jan 18th as the Scratch DJ Academy celebrated ten years of teaching students the art of DJing.

Three kings of the turntables -DJ Kool Herc, DJ QBert, and one of its original instructors A-Trak, were awarded. Co-Founder, Rob Principe shared the vision behind establishing the company ten years ago, in front of a standing room only crowd at the Canal Room in Lower Manhattan. Scratch’s other co-founder, the slain Jam Master Jay was represented by his sons, TJ (DJ Dasmatic), Jason (DJ Jam Master J’son) and wife, Terri Mizell. TJ, performed alongside Jay’s band mate DMC, while J’son was given a thirty minute set on the night. The Grandwizzard Theodore, DJ Revolution, Mr Choc and a fray of graduated DJs were on hand for the scratching session as well.

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