Slave Action Figures? Django Unchained Dolls Debut

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Django Unchained is a critical success, a box office smash, and one of the buzziest movies of the last year. But it has also been a lightning rod for controversy: from Spike Lee denouncing it to the harsh language and gore, there’s been a lot to question about the flick. But this may take the cake.

Over at The Daily Beast, Karu F. Daniels talks about one issue that has come up with Django Unchained merchandise – namely, that they are selling slave dolls. The line of action figures from the film certainly toe the line between collectable and offensive, and are available for purchase to coincide with the film’s release. But should they be?

Daniels says: “Action figures for Tarantino films Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 may have been better suited for such commercial pursuits. But for some projects, anything goes.”

What do you think of these dolls?