Spots Where Kim K and Brandy Can Rekindle Their Friendship


From VIBE–Though Brandy and Kim Kardashian’s friendship went awry shortly after Kim’s infamous sex tape with B-Rocka’s brother Ray-J–along with allegations of Kim owing their mother money from credit card purchases–the two are both in very happy spaces in their lives. With Brandy’s engagement and Kim’s pregnancy, we would love to see these two reunite like the classy ladies we know them to be. What better time to reunite than when both have blossoming careers and loving men in their lives?

Ironically, the pair star in the upcoming Tyler Perry film, “Temptation: Confessions of Marriage Counselor,” yet did not film any scenes together and reportedly made no contact with one another on the set. Despite Brandy admitting she missed her friendship with Kim on the Wendy Williams Show, it appears neither have taken the first step to reach out to the other. So in case they need a little push to rekindle their sisterhood, VIBE mapped out a few Los Angeles spots where the two Cali girls can go to let their hair down and catch up on old times.

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