Steve Porter Is Taking Chances With His Video Remix Craft

Steve Porter, a veteran DJ/producer, has invented a new genre that blends music and visuals.

“I took the skills from my DJ and production career that I spent over 10 years doing; traveling around making club tracks,” he tells VIBE. “Took those skills, and applied them to visual marketing,”

Things happened quite by accident for the video-mashup professional when in 2009 Porter put a couple of sports-related video remixes he’d been toying around with up on YouTube. They went viral.

“It was like overnight,” Porter says of his new calling. Soon ESPN and the NBA came a knockin,’ and wanting Porter’s adrenaline-pumping music and video chopping skills for themselves. Since, Porter has collaborated with several brands and sports stars to create some wicked cool video mash-ups. Here, Porter explains to VIBE his unique craft.