Subway Apology: Subway Apologizes For Footlongs


Have you noticed your sandwich at Subway has been looking a little… wimpy? Don’t worry: Subway apologizes.

The sandwich company Subway apologized after a photo went viral last week of a Subway “Footlong” held up next to a tape measure. Why the Subway apology? Because the sandwich isn’t quite a foot.

Subway apologized this week, and vowed that all their Footlong sandwiches will be bigger than 12 inches in the future. They noted that bread length can vary from location to location if the owners don’t follow Subway protocol, but that’s hardly good news for someone who feels cheated out of a whole inch worth of sandwich!

Subway apologized for “any instance where we did not fully deliver on our promise to our customers,” according to a statement. Hopefully the Subway apology won’t lead to a rash of people taking fast food companies to task – is that quarter-pounder really a quarter-pound, or should we pull out the digital scale?

But hey – any Subway apology is better than no Subway apology at all.