Tatyana Ali Talks One Night Stands and Kim Kardashian


The world has seen Tatyana Ali grow up into a phenomenal woman. Currently, the 33-year-old actress stars in BET’s Second Generation Wayans with The Wayans Bros.‘s nephews Damien and Craig.

The Huffington Post caught up with the former Fresh Prince starlet and she revealed that crying is something she does as a workout. “I’m crying right now. I cry three times a day as part of my workout routine. It really targets the core. Great way to reduce bloating.”

The Panamanian American beauty also rattled off two guilt pleasures. “Bread pudding with chocolate! And one-night stands,” she says.

She went on to reveal that she’s known Kim Kardashian for a long time. “We went to high school together. I’d ask her how she’s been doing. It’s one thing to read about someone’s life, but what’s really going on inside, on the personal, is often a totally different story. She’s a very sweet lady.”

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