Vixen TV: Tatyana Ali Talks ‘Second Generation Wayans’ and What Her Role Means for Black Women


Tatyana Ali stopped by to chat with Vixen about everything Second Generation Wayans. Years away from her most famous role as Ashley Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Ali plays Maya, an ambitious, no-nonsense executive assistant alongside an all-male cast–Damien D. Wayans, Craig Wayans and George O. Gore III.

Ali touched on the importance of her role and breaking the mold of typecast characters for women of color. “It’s kinda nice to have a girl character like that for people to see, so people can see what it actually feels like and what it’s like for a young woman in business to make a name for herself.”

She later explains, “We needed a female character that our viewers could relate to and identify with.”

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Photo Credit: BET