The Breakfast Club Talks to Joe Budden and Tahiry [Video]


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Love & Hip Hop New York season 3 premiered last night (Jan. 7) on VH1. Rapper Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend model Tahiry José sat down with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club (separately) to talk about their tumultuous relationship.

In case you need a quick catch-up, Tahiry rose to fame on the internet from home videos Joe Budden posted on Joe Budden TV. Her feisty attitude and killer curves set the internet on fire after each webisode. After their messy breakup, Tahiry and Joe went their separate ways, going on to date other people. Now, every Monday night, the world has front row seats to watch the former couple try to rekindle their friendship. And already on the popular reality TV show, Tahiry has nearly flipped a table over on Joe after he proposed the two make an effort to be friends again.

Power 105’s resident femme Angela Yee asked Tahiry the question on everyone’s mind, if she would ever get back with her famous ex. “I could never get back with Joe,” she responded. “I don’t believe Joe can change.”

Joe Budden is currently dating dancer/model Kaylin Garcia, and according to Tahiry, she was unaware her famous ex even had a new girlfriend. Yee asked Budden if his new girlfriend was jealous. He said, “Nah, my baby is cool as a fan.”

Click below to find out if Tahiry would partake in a threesome with Joe and Kaylin, and if Joe Budden really did sleep with Raqi.