Tia Mowry Pens Letter to Sister Tamera Mowry-Housley


For the past two seasons of Tia & Tamera, we’ve watched television’s favorite twins navigate major milestones like marriage and children together. Season one was about Tamera’s wedding and the pending arrival of Tia’s son Cree, but nowadays, Tia tackles motherhood and a shifting career while Tamera prepares for her own bundle of joy, Aden.

Though their personal lives are ever-changing, Tia found time to launch their joint website with never-before-seen pictures and a letter to her “sissy.”

The handwritten note, both short and sweet, is a mix of praises and memories. After coining Tamera a “hot momma,” Tia reminisces on the birth of her own son, calling it “one of the greatest things that could happen to you.”

Most of all, the letter holds an overwhelming amount of encouragement–something Tamera will need as she starts a new chapter in life. “Your happiness and joy is at a whole another level. You are already an amazing mother!,” the younger twin writes. “You will now get to see the world through your son’s eyes and what a great view! Sit back and enjoy the ride! You are woman now so ROAR!”

Read Tia’s entire letter and see exclusive pictures below.