Tiësto & Ludovika Get Smashed at the BPM Festival

BPM Festival 2013 has taken off like a prom dress down in Playa del Carmen. VIBE’s BPM Fest insiders took a break from EDM-listening and tequila-swilling to share some juice (no water!) from Mexico.

Tiësto surprised more than the crowd last weekend when he turned up opening night, as EDM youngblood Ludovika was closing for Nicky Romero.

As Ludovika went to close out the night, he was greeted by Tiësto’s manager Kelly asking for his headphones to get plugged in for the decks takeover. Instead of plugging in Tiësto and Kelly proceeded to smash the headphones on the ground into pieces!

As a new initiation for his new AKG headphones, Tiësto has taken to the ‘smashing of the headphones’ ritual lately. The unaware Ludovika was stunned but Tiësto hugged him and gave him his headphones to keep before starting his set. “Tiësto’s actions taught me to always promote and protect my personal brand,” Ludovika (fellow Dutchman) later told VIBE.

Ludovika was so excited he didn’t sleep that night, producing a track using Tiësto’s headphones for the first time. The track is aptly titled “Smash.”

“Because we are both Dutch, to me Tiësto is the pioneer in electronic music, and growing up, all of the kids around my age in Holland dreamed of becoming one of the most successful and respected DJs in the world like him. To this day he is still an inspiration, just watching him perform at BPM and to see him laughing and having a good time made me realize this will never get old. I just feel blessed to have had the opportunity to play next to him,” adds the lucky Ludovika.