Timbaland Suing Over the Loss of His $1.8 Million Watch


This would be a good reason why NOT to ever, never, ever, ever invest in a $1.8 million watch.

Hip-hop producer Timbaland’s beloved 18K white gold watch, complete with 30+K of diamonds, went missing two years ago. Made by Jacob & Co jewelers, the bling piece was valued at an estimated $1.8 million, and Timbaland now wants the insurance company he insured it with to cough up the money for his beloved timepiece.

The loss of the watch back in 2012 reportedly drove Timbaland to the brink of the edge. After the “Suit & Tie” producer realized the watch was gone — allegedly stolen or accidentally misplaced by his toddler daughter — Timbaland got in his car and drove off in a frenzy, leaving family members so worried he was going to kill himself that they called the Malibu Police Department to go after the record producer. Timbo later denied the accusations on Ryan Seacrest’s show, but two years have passed and Timbaland is still without his ridicuously expensive watch.

Timbo says he paid $50,000 for a policy with American Home Assurance Company for the watch back in May 2010, and is suing the insurance company for the price of the watch, plus attorney fees, for not paying up for the lost/stolen item. The insurance company refuses to pay a dime even thought Timbaland has gone before a judge and sworn under oath that the watch was not in his possession anymore. “It has never been found,” he says.