Tips for Flawless Mascara Application

Jennifer Lopez EyelashesShadow Shields These little contraptions may look weird, but trust me they will be a life saver. Simply remove the adhesive stickers, and stick them onto your skin underneath your lashes to keep the mascara from smearing onto your skin. These stickies help catch eyeshadow fallout as well, saving your concealer and foundation.

Tilt your head back
We’ve gotten into the habit of leaning towards the mirror to get a good look at our lashes, but doing this will brush your wet lashes onto your lids. Trust us, don’t do it. Removing mascara smudges without ruining your makeup is a huge chore.

Lash comb
Running a metal lash comb through your lashes after applying mascara separates clumps. Try running mascara directly onto the comb and work the metal teeth through the lashes for clump free curls

Heated Curler
Zap your eyelash curler with a few shots of hot air from your blow dryer for sexy lashes that will last all day.

Bottom Lashes
If you don’t like running a mascara wand through your bottom lashes, dab a small brush into your mascara formula and paint your bottom lashes for a mess-free application. For added protection, use a waterproof formula.

Not all of your lashes grow straight up, so break the habit of swiping your mascara through your lashes in an upward motion. Instead, wiggle your brush from the middle lashes upward, outer lashes outward, and inner lashes inward.

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