TV Sitcoms You Should Be Tuning Into Weekly

In a time of reality TV, many have been asking where have all the good sitcoms gone. We love our Real Housewives, the Love & Hip-Hop ratchetness, and Basketball Wives shows, but we cannot help but miss the days of well-written, scripted television. More recently comedic and dramatic sitcoms have been causing us to cheat just a little on our reality show relationships.

Soon, names like Olivia Pope, Rocky, and Joanna Locasto will be household names. If you haven’t met these characters yet, you are in luck because we have put together a list of shows that should be set on record on your DVR weekly.


If you haven’t already been hooked, where exactly have you been? Olivia Pope with her team of powerful litigators manage to get everything done in Washington, D.C. Despite her obvious flaw of adulterous activity, Pope manages to gain our trust and admiration because she shows no fear. Independence, power, and style are her strengths here; a true pro at her craft and a Vixen that we love! Doesn’t hurt that the political power plays are intense.

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