Two Jets Collide at Miami International Airport


Two jets collided at Miami International Airport Friday. While no passengers were harmed, hundreds aboard one jet were stranded and needed to find a new flight.

According to the Miami Herald, the collision happened between Concourses J and H as an incoming Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus with 240 passengers aboard hit an Air France 777-300 plane headed for Paris with 350 passengers on board.

MIA spokesperson Marc Henderson said the planes sustained some damage–one on its wingtip, the other its tail. Several flights were delayed as rescue units and airport workers tried to move the planes from the tarmac. Authorities say the cause of the collision is unknown.

Agitated passengers–who had to wait several hours to reschedule their flight–either shouted at flight crew members or fought among themselves. “The first altercation I saw was a group of guys that got fed up with people cutting in front of them,” said Alex Legion, a professional basketball player from Hungary who witnessed the melee with Air France riders. “The second altercation I saw was when people from business class started to cut the economy line and a lady and a guy got into an argument.”

Other passengers had to make drastic changes. Teacher Veronica Ramudo would have taken her first flight to Paris but two hours after the crash, she had to rescheduled her first trip to Paris for the last week of May.

Still, it’s not everyday two commercial jets run into each other. “This is not a very common occurrence,” MIA spokesman Henderson said. “I can’t recall the last time we had planes collide.”

Photo Credit: @INFOen140/ Twitter