V Exclusive! Brinx Billions Talks Being Signed To Nicki Minaj and Working with Gucci Mane


TMZ may have touted him as Nicki Minaj’s new boo but Brinx Billions doesn’t need a controversial introduction. He two-stepped into the spotlight with a feature on Nicki’s song “I Endorse These Strippers” from Pink Friday: The Re-Up and just released his new single “Finesse,” featuring Gucci Mane. In a recent interview with VIBE, the Queens native revealed what he really thinks of the boss Barb, his label mate Parker and how his collabo with Gooch came about.

VIBE: How did you meet Nicki Minaj?
Brinx Billions: It’s a crazy story. Back in the MySpace days, I used to always look at [Nicki’s] videos. I always respected her music. I was like “Yo, this girl is pretty! She got the looks and she could rap. She raps like a dude.” It’s crazy we actually bumped heads at a studio out in Long Island where we finally met. It was crazy because she was telling me that she would go on my page and listen to my music and I told her the same thing.

How did she sign you?
When I met her, it was like instant, we clicked. We would work together and do records. She recorded her whole Beam Me Up Scotty! project there and I would be coming through to do my thing. It just so happen that I was doing my thing with Busta Rhymes at the time and she was doing her thing with Lil Wayne at the time. Her situation took off because Wayne is a good business man, and she was talented. She had a good outlet. As of lately, Nicki decided that she wanted to do her music company and she reached out to me. She was like “Yo Brinx, I always respected your music. You’re a real individual. Your music is authentic.” She asked me to send a couple records. I sent it to her and she was like “Yo, I love it. Let’s do business.”

Can we expect a collaboration between you and Nicki?
Definitely. That’s without a doubt. She’s one of the realest females in the game. She’s an aggressive business person. Forget about being a female, she’s a good business person. She’s not one of the best female rappers in the game, she’s one of the best rappers in the game.

You and Nicki have already been working on music. Can you give us a little preview of what you guys are coming up with?
Honestly, we’ve sat down, we’ve done a couple records but we don’t know which record we’re gonna push to the streets but it’s either gonna be club or trap. Trap is me. She has the pop lane down. We’ll probably do something in the middle. I’m looking to get in that area now.

You recently did a song with Gucci Mane called “Finesse.” How did that collaboration come about?
After Nicki signed me, I was just like I need to get more material. I started running around Atlanta and New York recording, just doing my thing. I bumped into Gucci Mane a couple times at this spot called Hot Beats and then we’d run into each other in the strip clubs. Gucci was around in the blossom of my connects, like Nicki’s career, and I was like, it would just be a good situation to link up with him again. So I said “Yo Gucci, how much to get you on a track?” and he said, “Don’t worry about it, let’s do it.” I was gonna hold on to the material until it was time to put things out, but right now is the time. I promised everybody on Twitter and Facebook that I would start releasing tracks from my upcoming mix tape I Ain’t No F’n Rapper.

When will your mix tape be out?
Look out for the mix tape in the beginning of February.

Nicki also signed another artist named Parker. What is your relationship like with him?
Parker is awesome. His voice is awesome. I respect him. I respect the lane that he’s in. It’s different. We’re like a close knit family. I respect Nicki’s decision-making abilities and her leadership qualities. I feel like she’s a good judge in character so everything she selects is gonna be good with me but when I heard Parker for myself, I was like “This dude is destined to be a star.”

Lastly, any upcoming projects that you’d like to tell us about?
I’m working on the mix tape and I’m working on my album. I haven’t titled the album yet but I’m definitely splitting tracks up right now. The mix tape is still gonna sound like an album. I plan on doing mostly original tracks. I may jump on a few of your favorite rappers’ tracks just to showcase my abilities and talents. I’m looking to put out the album by the end of the year.

Can we expect anyone else from Young Money to be on it?
So far it’s Nicki and Tyga, but I’m gonna wait to disclose anymore information about the mixtape. It’s gonna be good though. It’s gonna be epic. I’m currently in the process of getting other features on there so I’m just opening a whole new can of worms. So just look out for it, I won’t let you guys down.