V Exclusive! MTV2’s ‘Guy Code’ Season 3 Premiere


On Monday, the personalities and executives behind MTV2’s Guy Code mixed and mingled to watch a private screening of the season 3 premiere.

This season’s cast (a potpourri of commentators, commentators and models) includes Andrew Schulz, Charlamagne Tha God, Lil Duval, Damien Lemon, Melanie Iglesias, Donnell Rawlings, April Rose, Jordan Carlos, Jon Gabrus, Chris Distefano, Lisa Ramos, Jermaine Fowler and Dan Soder. “A lot of what we say is similar,” says Carlos. “They question us separately, but what we end up saying is similar. Guys really do think alike about a lot of issues… because we have penises. It’s there.”

As shown in the trailer, they use their unfiltered (often inappropriate) humor to address everything from the friend zone and the awkward, gross truths of losing virginity to proposing and morning wood. Through unfiltered and often inappropriate humor, viewers can get answers to their internal inquiries from both the male and female perspectives. “The most interesting thing about Guy Code is probably not knowing how much I actually knew about men because I never considered myself an expert,” says Iglesias. “As much as they know about men, I don’t think any girl would consider ourselves experts because we always have questions and we think way too much. I use that knowledge to my advantage in my personal life.”

In case you missed the season premiere yesterday at 11pm on MTV2, here’s a treat: Cee Lo Green shares what he considers a Good Ass Night. (Warning: it’s hilarious)

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Click through to see more pictures from the screening as well as get some Guy Code tips from cast members Jordan Carlos and Melanie Iglesias.

Photos by Stacy-Ann Ellis

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