V Playlist: Ab-Soul x JMSN, Nickelus F. x Drake, Donell Jones, And More

VIBE’s Morning Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Ab-Soul & JMSN – You’re Gone
There’s something slightly off about this. Ab’s bars are legit, and JMSN’s added vocals are well-placed, but the overall song is hard to get into. Also, the “girls, girls…girls, girls” chorus repeats itself too much, even for a chorus. Nonetheless, both dudes are talented as hell in the studio, so their collaborative project, Unit 6, should be dope.

2. Nickelus F (feat. Drake) – “Number 15″
The guitar instrumental gives the song a chill, laid-back feel without losing that hip-hop essence. Overall, approaching this with ease was a really good decision—and they won for it.

3. Donell Jones – “Forever”
This is way too short, but it’s great hearing Jones back in studio crooning for the R&B fans. With both him & Jon B making new music recently, we definitely think the world is ready for a 90s R&B revival.

4. Soulja Boy – “All The Time”
Soulja Boy’s new mixtape, U$A DRE, drops in March.

5. Kalenna – “Lonely”
“Lonely” is a head knocker— courtesy of T-Minus on production—but it lacks that originality needed to separate it from the sea of similar tracks out there. Now that Kalenna doesn’t have Dawn & Diddy as supporting acts, homegirl needs to come harder.