V Playlist: Cam’Ron, Metta World Peace x Jim Jones x Deacon x Foul Monday x Challace, And More

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Cam’Ron – “You Know This”
Reworking the beat from “Our Block”—off the Vado-assisted Boss Of All Bosses 2.5 mixtape—Cam uses his slick innuendos and wordplay to make yet another banger that you can laugh at—as well as bump your head to. Nice work Killa Cam.

2. Metta World Peace (feat. Jim Jones, Deacon, Foul Monday & Challace) – “Get Like Me”
It’s always tricky taking athletes-turned-rappers seriously. Unfortunately, this track proves that theory. Overall, “Get Like Me” doesn’t rise beyond mediocre, and the chorus comes off a bit too repetitive.

3. Casey Veggies – “Fuck Witchu”
This is one of those essential lowrider joints, which also gives us a smoker’s anthem feel as well. It’s just a smooth song throughout.

4. Rochelle Jordan – “Impossible”
Rochelle takes Weezy’s “She Will” beat—previously mastered by another Canada native by the name of Drake—and really adds her soft vocal nature to the mix. The end result is a cool listen that reminds us of the hip-hop soul era.

5. Nina Rae – “Falling In Love”
Great beat, great retro soul vibe, and great vocals make “Falling In Love” a nice treat for the ears. R&B lovers, enjoy.