Vibe Gets Hard: Be First to Win HARD SUMMER Fest Tickets


Why did people stop attending? The economy? Yes. The string of bubble gum pop that forced mature music fans (from hip-hop to rock) into staying home every weekend with friends listening to old Tribe albums over and over and over? Yes, Guilty.

How did underground ‘jump up’ parties in warehouses or daytime trance rooms turn into “EDM,” arguably, the most billable force in the American music market right now? How about “the experience?”

Feeling free, stripping down and sweating all night to beats that remind us that we are alive. Electronic music was built on the principle of unity and love, while thriving on putting forth a gauntlet of styles to reflect diversity of people. This is what makes people get HARD.

****Enter Below. Follow @VibeMagazine on Twitter and @HARDFEST and use this hashtag: #VibeGetsHard. BE THE FIRST TO WIN A PAIR OF TIX BEFORE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Those who do not send email addresses will not be qualified to enter. You’re information will not be shared with anyone but VIBE in order to alert the winner. Contest Winner Anounced Monday, Jan 28th. GO GET HARD.

Special for HARD’s hardcore fans, $99 early bird pre-sale tickets—available for a limited time—go on sale Friday, January 25, at 10:00 a.m. PST via

On Friday, January 25th, 2013, Hard Festival Saturday, August 3, and Sunday, August 4, to Los Angeles State Historic Park. More info: