John Walden, or known simply as Walden to his Australian fans, has slowly but surely expanded to America’s EDM community. At just 18, he’s already cataloging a diverse sound that go from anvil-heavy club bangers to melody-driven arias, and mashups that appease the ear (not hurt it!). VIBE’s hookin’ you up with a VIP package to catch the dance music wunderkind in every market on Walden’s Intropial Tour, starting with Los Angeles, Monday Jan 7th. See above flyer for the remainder dates.

Enter Below. Socializing will garner extra goodies: a chance to hop in the booth and take a snap with the young DJ, free subscriptions, VIBE will publish your photo submissions, and some surprises!

Winners will be announced by 5pm EST the day before each show!

***Airfare and hotel not included.

Listen to Walden and get in the mood!