Wrap Party: Radiohead DJs, Diplo’s gun show and more


As we wrap up the day, VIBE brings you the 411 on what went down today in the dance music community:

Tomorrowland plans to expand festival worldwide, including North America
With the huge success experienced in 2012 (drawing in 180,000 dance music fans from across the globe and receiving an award for best festival in Europe), Belgium-based festival Tomorrowland sets its sights on conquering the world. Co-founders of ID&T and brothers Michiel and Manu Beers have revealed that they are adding more staff to their company and hope to organize a Tomorrowland event on every continent. Man, sure is going to hard for those belly-baring rave girls in Antarctica. Dancing Astronaut

Thom Yorke “Creeps” up on the DJ Booth
In celebration of their most recent issue’s release, Dazed & Confused had asked its cover star, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, if he could make an “A-Thomic” mix for them. The result is better than huffing rainbows. Dazed & Confused

Diplo Comments on Gun Control
In recent Twitter posts, DJ/producer Diplo has taken a political stand against gun violence and possession. “If thomas jefferson + the founding home boys knew we would kill children with assault rifles they probably would reconsidered 2nd amendment…” Maybe he’s prefer major lazers instead? – Pitchfork

Tommie Sunshine Asks “Where’s the #EDM?”
Dance industry vet, Tommie Sunshine has put his frustrations with the current state of EDM into a new mixtape, with the help of Jamie Jones, Duke and many more. “I felt it necessary to make a mix that reflects my roots in Chicago & shows all the Underground nut jobs who berated me that I do, in fact, know the difference between EDM & House Music.” Find out more – DJZ

Joachim Garraud Revealed in 3D
French electro-house producer and legend Joachim Garraud talks about his highly anticipated live show, Invasion, which promises to be unlike any previous dance set. That’s a tall order! Dropping January 28 at Los Angeles’ Exchange, Garraud will be the first DJ to use 3D in a live set, bringing him to another milestone after being the first DJ to play keytar live. Beatport