Vibe’s Top Trap/Moombahton Artists

Without a doubt, the scene of EDM continues to progress by the minute. In the past few years, electronic dance music has been dominated by dubstep with the inclusion of electro house and DnB reworks. The end of 2012 gave a foreshadowing as to what we can expect to hear in the future: trap and moombahton.

Due to a fun, malleable structure of both trap and moombahton, the subgenres will surely continue to grow with the aid of these creatively charged producers. “It (Moombahton) still has the dembow riddim as its backbone and remains at a mid-tempo range of about 108 beats per minute, moombahton pioneer, Dave Nada has said. “But moombahton music has grown far beyond that, and not just in sound.”

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