Vixen Chat: Miss Mykie Talks New Hair Style and Her Dream Interviews


Miss Mykie haircutVIBE Vixen: What made you spark the sudden hair change?
Miss Mykie With the new 106  and a lot of big surprises coming up, I just felt like it was time. I just been rocking the curly mohawk off and on since 2007 and it wasn’t always by choice, but I had to brand it. Any woman would want to change their hair but I was just strong enough to thug it out and understand what I need to do to have my own image. It helped me stand out during “The Search.”

How do you feel changing your hair has impacted your new brand?
I’m at a point right now that it’s not going to effect anything like I think I’m a little bit more established right now, I just think that it was a just great timing right now to go ahead and switch it up.

Having a hairstyle for 5 years had to birth some bad hair days.
I work out a lot and the middle [of the mohawk] always stayed pretty cool but the sides would curl up even if I would slick them down. It would still just want to poke out and it wasn’t as easy to keep up as a lot of people thought.  I would have to say that was my worst. I thought my hair was thinning on the sides and that’s not a good look, I went ahead and shaved it off and ended up liking it more.

Now that the haircut is only a few days old, tell me how people have been reacting to it?
What’s surprising is all of this hate like, ‘Ugh, can’t believe you changed your hair.’ People are like, ‘Why did you change the mohawk? We liked it,’ and they probably were the main ones like, ‘Can you change it?’ [Laughs] I miss the mohawk, but for the most part, it’s been an overwhelming response of great feedback.

How did the BET network respond to the sudden hair change?
They loved it! I sent [a picture to] Stephen Hill as soon as I got it done, and he loved it. I didn’t want it to be a huge surprise.

You’ve been on-air for a few months now. How has your experience been?
This is the best experience I’ve ever had in life. I love my job and you would think that people get excited about vacation time, but me, Shorty [da Prince], Paigion and Bow Wow were all on a group chat texting each other. We were just ready to get back to work. We love what to do.

Looking forward to this year, what can fans expect from you on the show?
They can just expect growth. I’ve grown so much since I’ve started and I know I’m just going to evolve into much better. I didn’t start off being a host, I started off being an artist so it’s a totally different change for me. I’m growing and I’m learning along the way.

Lastly, what celebrity female are you dying to interview?
It would be dope to sit down and talk to Michelle Obama or Oprah.