Vixen Inspiration: Broaden Your Horizons


In the midst of your daily routine, as you’re carving out your place in life, have you ever thought about broadening your horizons? Have you ever decided to take a much needed break to explore the other aspects of life?

It’s important to take an intermission in life to get refueled, to re-up on inspiration and most importantly to have more perspective on your journey. When we broaden our horizons, we get an opportunity to see the whole picture. For example, if you traveled to a country that is poor and in need of serious help and aid, there’s no way you could return to your daily routine unchanged. Broadening our scope humbles us and gives us a genuine attitude of gratitude.

As you explore more of life, the eyes of your understanding begin to open and for a moment you will understand your purpose for living! Read books on various topics, volunteer, watch documentaries, do whatever you can to help. As your horizons open, your dreams will begin to unfold in ways never before.

Have a great weekend, Vixens!