Vixen Inspiration: Laugh A Little!


Vixens, did you know that laughter revitalizes the soul?

Many experts believe that those who laugh often are typically more happy, joyous, grateful, and have a better quality of life. Today, declare that you will laugh more than you will cry in 2013. We all can agree that pangs of life can be heartbreaking. Many of you have been lost, have been hurt and have been beaten down by the tragedies that happen to us all, but it takes a skilled and wise Vixen to move past those moments and see the joy in life; to laugh instead of cry. Because guess what? You’re still here!

You might as well get a good laugh out of the thing that tried to take you out the game. Begin to flip the negatives to positives, and always look for a reason to find enjoyment.

Have a wonderful day, Vixens!