Vixen of the Day: Renee


Name: Renee Demetria 
Age: 33
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Nonprofit Social Work Administrator and Vocalist
Style: Sassy fashionista
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Blush, Maybelline Collosal Cat Eye mascara, and tinted lipgloss – I’m all good with at least these 3!

Inspired By: My mother – she is still stylish, classy, lovable and strong!; Kelly Rowland – she is beautiful, she has an alluring and soothing tone, great fashion style and continuously brings the heat! She seems to be so confident and I love that!; and Janelle Monae – this lady is so intelligent, her creativity is through the roof! The music she makes is so inspiring! She really does motivate a person who has interest in music or the arts to just do you! She is a Cover Girl now, as well, and I think that is fly!

A Vixen is…
A Vixen is a free spirit who embraces herself fully! She is SUPER confident with what God gave her (and her genes) no matter if society looks at her as ”big” or ”tiny”. She’s not afraid to try new things and creates her own fashion sense by mixing it up! She knows she isn’t perfect, but she strives for the best!

A Vixen doesn’t have to be negative towards others just because she’s HAWT. In fact, it’s evident that her spirit is so appealing it makes her shine like a diamond on the outside and causes people to gravitate towards her.

Photo Credit: Bessie Reyes

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