Vixen TV: Mateo Reveals His Type of Woman and Celebrity Crushes

Mateo may carry the smooth charisma of a ladies’ man, but when it comes to that special woman, he’s very specific in his requirements.
“I want a woman that’s exciting, intellectually stimulating, of course she’s bangin, dope as hell, but it’s beyond the looks,” he tells Vixen. “It has to be someone who understands what I go through with music ’cause I’m away a lot.”

The artist signed to Krucial Keys’ label under Interscope has serenaded the female species since he crooned his way onto the music scene in 2010, landing some wax space alongside Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz on “Say It’s So.” Now he’s set to release his debut single dolo this February.

Catch him also reveal his top celebrity crushes below.