VV Guide to Mascaras


The first thing to keep in mind is mascara’s come in many brush types that achieve different looks.

Mascara Large Bristle BrushBristle brush: Use a bristle brush to get a volumized look. Bristles help wrap each eyelash in the mascara formula, giving you a full and dramatic effect. If you don’t feel like gluing on a pair of falsies, opt for this kind of brush. If your lashes are short you might find it difficult to work with larger brushes. Bristle brushes can be small like Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara or large like Mac’s Opulash mascara.


Comb Mascara Clinque High LengthsComb brush: If you have long, short, sparse or unruly lashes, a plastic comb brush will help deliver definition and length. Keep in mind that the combs are made of plastic that doesn’t absorb the product, so you may have to wipe off the wand before wiggling it through your lashes. Clinique’s High Lengths Mascara is a curved comb which promises to coat each lash.


Covergirl Lashblast Rubber WandRubber brush: Rubber brushes are a good alternative to bristle brushes if you want a clump-free, volumized look. The rubber brushes are flexible, which may not deliver the curl you want, as bristle brushes are stiffer and wont bend to your eye shape. Try Covergirl Lash Blast.



Givenchy spherical brush MascaraSpherical brush: If you like the definition a comb brush achieves, and the clump-free qualities of a rubber brush, try a spherical brush. Don’t be intimidated by the spiky ball, a spherical brush can bring out short lashes, but be prepared to spend more time on your lashes with this brush since it’s so small. Give Givenchy’s Phenom’ Eyes a try.


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