VV Must Have: A Solution to Wearing Socks With Boots [Video]


Usually when wearing dresses and skirts in the winter, I tend to wear ankle socks over my tights for added warmth and comfort—but that isn’t always useful. The socks slide down my leg, bunch up, and can be quite uncomfortable. But now, Vixens can wear socks and tights together without the extra hassle.

Bootights are tights with an attached moisture-wicking (a fabric that draws sweat off the skin) ankle sock. The sock-tight combo not only alleviates the need to double up on socks when wearing boots, but it keeps your feet dry, and promises not to slip down throughout the day. What’s more is the dig-free waistband that doesn’t roll or bind, and the arch support that soothes your achy feet. Grab a pair at Nordstorm, Zappos, and Bloomingdale’s.

What do you think Vixens? Would you buy a pair of Bootights?

Check out Bootights featured on The View:

Photo Credit: pairdiem.com