Wale To Link Up With… Jerry Seinfeld?


Wale was a standout early in his career for his “Seinfeld” themed mixtape, The Mixtape About Nothing. It featured clips from the popular comedy, as well as track names related to the show. The sequel, More About Nothing, was also “Seinfeld” themed.

Now, Wale is busy prepping his latest mixtape release, and it looks like he’s gotten the man himself, Jerry Seinfeld, to hop on a few tracks. Remember, Seinfeld’s costar Julia Louis-Dreyfus was featured on the previous incarnations, but getting the big man himself is quite a pull. Jerry claims that Wale is his wife’s favorite rapper, which is hilarious in and of itself.

But you have to figure that Michael Richards, aka Kramer, probably WON’T be making any appearances.