WATCH: Alistar Bloom In New “Bioshock Infinite” Trailer

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The latest BioShock Infinite trailer takes on the guise of a documentary, so click the break and check it out.

There’s still a little while to wait before Irrational Games’ latest title hit shelves, but they’re hoping to tide us over with this new trailer. Alistar Bloom attempts to uncover more information about the flying city of Columbia, which is the central location of where BioShock Infinite’s story will take place.

After a number of delays, this clip doesn’t offer much about the game, but it does set the stage to let interested gamers (new and otherwise) get a feel for the story. Watch Mr. Bloom search for clues about the Columbia in the video below:

Keep an eye out for BioShock Infinite to hit the Xbox 360, PlayStation and PC on March 26th, 2013.