Wendy Williams Advises La La Anthony to Drop Reality TV


Wendy Williams holds her tongue for no one, not even for La La Anthony. In response to rumors of the former MTV host and basketball hubby Carmelo Anthony splitting up, Williams decided to “keep it real” offering up some advice on quitting reality television and avoiding the path of friend Kim Kardashian.

“La La, I will share this with you, and take this in the best way,” she said during the “Hot Topics” segment. “If you get divorced, know this, you’ve still got more than most. You used to be a VJ, now you’re First Lady of the Knicks. When you get divorced, you’ve got half of his money, you’re still young enough to start a whole ‘nother family and your son is gorgeous.”

She added, “I beg of you to stop doing reality TV. By the way, your show is corny, too. I’m not a fan of La La’s reality show because I always feel like she’s trying to keep up with Kim Kardashian. And take this the best way because I am just going to say this straight, you won over Kim. You got the man, you got the money, you got the baby, you’re a natural beauty—as best I can tell—and you don’t have to do contrived stories to be on reality TV.”

Wendy’s comments are on the harsh side (and a subtle diss to Kim), but do you agree with her?