What Happened on ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ This Week?

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This week’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ kicked off with the aftermath of Hurricane Erica Mena. Erica and L’orel talk about the club freak out but the sit-down quickly becomes an argument between the two. L’orel tells Erica that she can’t roll with her ratchetness and L’orel yells back that she’s the one making Erica hot. L’orel has had enough and storms off.

Yandy and her baby daddy Mendeecees are enjoying domestic bliss but Yandy isn’t sure if her man is stable (Translation: He’s still a player). Yandy is worried that her man isn’t 100% committed, especially after seeing him “liking” booty pics on Instagram. In response, Yandy chucked an iPad at a sleeping Mendeecees and gave him scar.

Rapper Consequence and Jen The Pen are facing their own family issues. The couple have been fighting over religion; Cons is Muslim and though the couple agreed to raise their son Muslim, Jen isn’t sure that she’s ready to fully convert.

Cons and Rich Dollaz start plotting a new song for Olivia and Erica Mena. Once Liv gets word of this, she goes HAM and says that she won’t do a song with Erica because it’ll hurt her brand. Rich and Olivia fight about the track and then Erica confronts Olivia about it too. The track aside, Erica is mad that Olivia has been bff-ing it up Somaya Reece (Remember her?) Erica and Olivia duke it out but the argument ends like most of Erica’s…nowhere.

We’ve saved the most dysfunctional for last. Rapper Joe Budden continues his spiral downward. He first sits down with Raqi and apologizes for how he’s treated her. Raqi ain’t having it. Raqi sees Joey as a “bitchass” and is donezos with him. “This is what closure looks like!” yells Raqi. “Are you secretly in love with me?” asks Joe. Raqi claims she isn’t (but we all know homegirl is lying.)

Tahiry and Joe’s mom then get together to have an intervention with the rapper. Although their relationship is over, Tahiry feels guilted into always saving Joe. “How do you watch him self-destruct? I just don’t know what to do” says Tahiry. Joe finally apologizes for wronging Tahiry when they dated. “Tahiry I was young, I was high, I was immature,” he says and then shares that he’s open to therapy or rehab to get better.