Why Isn’t Frank Ocean In This Grammy-Produced “Best New Artist” Video?

Frank Ocean and his debut album, Channel Orange, were nominated for six Grammy Awards last month during the Grammy Awards nomination ceremony. Channel Orange is up for “Album of the Year” and “Best Urban Contemporary Album,” his hit single, “Thinkin Bout You,” is up for “Record of the Year,” his Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration, “No Church in the Wild,” is up for “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration” and “Best Long Form Music Video,” and Frank himself is up for “Best New Artist.” But, curiously, the Odd Future singer is missing from a new Grammy-produced video that features all four of the other “Best New Artist” nominees.

As you can see in the video, Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, and fun. all talk about what it means to them to be nominated for the “Best New Artist” award. But, Frank Ocean is missing and doesn’t get the chance to speak on what the “Best New Artist” means to him. Is that because the Grammy organizers didn’t invite him to be a part of it—or because he tends to shy away from doing as much press as other artists? Either way, we sincerely hope that it doesn’t have any effect on his chances of winning the “Best New Artist” award, because he definitely deserves it. To find out if he wins the “Best New Artist” award—or any of the other awards he’s up for this year—tune into the 2013 Grammy Awards on CBS on February 10. How many awards do you think Frank Ocean will walk away with on Grammy night?