Worn Free Celebrates Muhammad Ali’s 71st Birthday With Exclusive Boxing Robe


Today, Muhammad Ali celebrates 71 years of floating like a butterfly & stinging like a bee.

In celebration of the boxing legend’s milestone birthday, Los Angeles clothing brand Worn Free is offering two new Ali-inspired boxing robes and exclusive T shirts on their website.

The first is a robe worn early on in his career, when still going by his birth-name, Cassius Clay. This robe features embroidery on the back which reads, “Cassius Clay The Greatest” with “Cassius Clay” on the breast pocket. The other is a recreation of another well known robe worn by the star athlete, featuring Ali’s name in imposing all-capital letters on the back, and his catch-phrase, “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee” on the pocket.

The t-shirts are modeled on pieces once worn by Ali himself. The t-shirts come in a range sizes for men, women and children. Staying true to all Worn Free apparel, each design will have its own hang tag bearing a photo of Ali in the original shirt that inspired the company’s interpretation.

The Muhammad Ali robes retail for $150 and can be purchased by clicking [HERE].

Also, for 24 hours only, Worn Free is offering 50% off all items! Just use the coupon code “GREATEST” at checkout, and you’re good to go.

See the new Ali apparel in the gallery above: