Wrap Party: Juicy J’s OG Status Retwerk, Russian Beats Rise


Lazy Saturday means time for a wrap up… VIBE brings you the 411 on what’s going down in the dance music community:

-Fresh music in your catalog is like oxygen, or something really important like hot kicks. It’s essential to one-up homies, impress ladies and vice versa. These days, it’s hard as f**k to find the quality with the web all up in the way (calling ourselves out now!). VIBE hears there’s something cookin’ in a city called Novosibirsk in the nu-disco/house music department that stands to be more than another one hit wonder. You don’t have to go to Russia to find Max Lyazgin. (Check It)

-Juicy J’s poppin’ joint, “Bands That Make Her Dance” receives a remix that is hip-hop and dance fan-approved. If you’re pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down below, peep more OG Status now. (Check It)