YouTube Comedian Gets Arrested For Wedgie Prank


YouTube prankster Charles Ross, 18, learned the hard way that it’s illegal to walk up to strangers and give them wedgies.

Ross was arrested this weekend in Bradenton, FL after giving several unsuspecting moviegoers wedgies outside of a theater. Though he had pulled the prank on several people, only one victim seeks legal action against him, and police have charged Ross with battery. The police report also stated that “Ross then challenged the victim, asking if he wanted to hit him.” But the prankster asserts that his actions were purely for comedic enjoyment.

“It ended up not being one of my best jokes,” he told The Daily Beast. “But it was kind of fun while it lasted.”

Since his arrest, Ross’ YouTube channel has received over 50,000 views, bringing his total views to 5 million. His videos include several outlandish, Jackass-style pranks like kissing strangers in public and jumping into vehicles at stop lights. This is the first of his antics to land him in legal trouble, however.

“I like making people laugh. I like providing entertainment,” Ross continued. “But I like to do things that are funny to everybody, that’s what I prefer, not just to the viewers and me. I need to concentrate on that more.”

Ross was released on a $750 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 14.

Here’s an example of his comedic videos: