The 10 Best-Dressed Men At The 2013 Grammy Awards

Every year, we all make a really big deal about which female celebrities wore the best—and worst—dresses to the Grammy Awards. And, rightfully so. It’s become tradition for blogs, newspapers, and morning TV shows to nitpick each and every dress worn on the red carpet during the Grammy Awards. But, what about the guys?! We always feel bad for the gentlemen who attend the Grammy Awards, because it seems like no matter what they wear on the red carpet, they’re always overshadowed by their female counterparts. So, we decided to do things a little bit differently this year. Rather than only point out the best and worst dresses at the 2013 Grammy Awards—like we did yesterday—we also want to show some love to the fellas who pulled together some really solid red-carpet looks on Sunday night. So, take a few minutes to give those guys their just due by clicking through our list of The 10 Best-Dressed Men At The 2013 Grammy Awards. These guys were definitely on their suit and tie shhhh on Sunday night.