The 10 best house documentaries of all time

Today’s fast growing dance genre comes from a long history of experimentation and escape that reaches back long before David Guetta was hooking up with Akon or Daft Punk sported their futuristic helmets. Beatport gives readers a full house music education on the movement that has head-butted itself into the mainstream with ten of the best house documentaries of all time. B sure to check out VIBE’s top dance flick picks. 10. The Chemical Generation “Boy George leads us through the story of how acid house, raves, and drug use are all came together during the late ’80s and ’90s in the UK. At one point, Boy George asks author Irvine Welsh (who wrote Trainspotting), ‘Do you think acid house could have been as popular as it was without ecstasy?'”

The Chemical Generation from Racket Racket on Vimeo.

9. Inside House “This low-budget documentary consists of interview after interview with DJs like Kerri Chandler, DJ Gregory, and Jay-Jay in a bar setting. The early debate over the introduction of MP3s becoming widely available to DJs is a heavy point of discussion.”

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