The 10 Hottest Vixens Featured In Drake’s Music Videos


Before the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Drake premiered the new music video for his single, “Started From The Bottom.” And, since the premiere, the video has been watched millions of times by people from all over the globe. And, they’ve all walked away thinking the same thing: “WHO WAS THE GIRL FEATURED AT THE CHECK-OUT COUNTER?!?”

Initial reports indicated that the girl was Toronto model Tassja Dawn, who has been featured in a Drake video in the past. But, now, it appears that the girl is actually a model named Angelica Charrupi. At any rate, one thing remains clear: Drizzy knows how to spot “talent” when it comes to casting females in his music videos! And, to prove it, we put together a list of The 10 Hottest Vixens Featured In Drake’s Music Videos. As long as Drake keeps featuring girls like this, he’ll have no problem getting millions of people to press play on his videos.