10 Other Rappers Lindsay Lohan Can Sue For Using Her Name

Lindsay Lohan won’t be getting any money from Pitbull anytime soon. Although she attempted to file a lawsuit against the Miami rapper recently for using the line, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan,” on his song, “Give Me Everything,” a judge dismissed the case. He did so because Pitbull is legally allowed to use LiLo’s name in a song just as long as he’s not doing it to somehow turn a profit off her. So, she won’t be making a quick buck off Pitbull through a lawsuit.

However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a case against other rappers. In fact, there are more than a few who have used Lohan’s names in their rhymes in worse ways than Pitbull. Who are those rappers? Well, to help her build a case—or multiple cases, if she so chooses—we came up with a list of 10 Other Rappers Lindsay Lohan Should Sue For Using Her Name In A Song. And then, we came up with some reasons for why LiLo might have a case against each of them for name-dropping her. Grab your gavels, folks. Court is about to be in session.