The 10 Worst Looks From The 2012 Grammy Awards


Ahhhhhhh! There is less than a week remaining until the 2013 Grammy Awards. And, you know what that means, right? Currently, there are hundreds of artists out there scrambling to try and put together the perfect outfit to wear on Sunday night. They want to make a splash and bring attention to themselves when they walk down the red carpet. But, they don’t want to end up on “Worst Dressed” lists the next morning. They’re literally going to be walking a very fine line, so they need to make sure they look at all of their options over the course of the next few days in order to avoid a disaster at the 55th Grammy Awards.

So, how can they make sure they’ve got their looks together? Well, for starters, they can look at this list of The 10 Worst Looks From The 2012 Grammy Awards. If, at any point, any artists out there think about trying to pull off any of the looks that appear here, THINK AGAIN! Trust us, guys: It’s for your own good!