20 Best “Harlem Shake” Copycat Videos


Every year there’s a new Internet craze that takes shakes over the cyber world. Last year it was planking and this year it’s the “Harlem Shake,” thanks to Vibe’s Top DJ to Watch in 2013, Baauer.

Azaelia Banks isn’t the first person to remix and reshake this song. In fact she’s among plenty of fans, that went stark crazy over this new fad. The video is simple, you play Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” while one masked person dances, then when the beat drops everybody joins in. Unlike planking, there is no risk of death and these videos are quite funny. Everyone from Angie Martinez to WWE are joining in to shake. These videos definitely kill your case of boredom at work. Take a look at some of our favorite “Harlem Shake” videos now. –>

Photo Credit: Hello Beautiful