25 Photos of Lil Wayne Sitting Courtside at NBA Games

Did the NBA ban Lil Wayne from attending games? We seriously doubt it. If he showed up to see the New Orleans Hornets tomorrow, we don’t think they’d turn him away. But, on Sunday night, Weezy F. Baby hit the stage at Stereo Live in Houston and claimed that he had been banned from all NBA arenas because of the frosty relationship that he has with the Miami Heat right now. And, while we don’t think that David Stern would mandate that NBA teams turn Wayne away at the door, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if Wayne didn’t show up for a single game in the second half of the 2012-13 NBA season just on principle alone. Clearly, he’s upset about the way he’s been treated by the NBA recently, so we don’t see him forking over thousands of dollars to sit front and center at games anymore.

Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe Wayne will be in attendance at a few more games this year. After all, he does love everything Kobe Bryant stands for, so maybe he’ll be on hand for a couple more Los Angeles Lakers contests before the year ends. But, if not, we’ve put together a collection of 25 Photos of Lil Wayne Sitting Courtside at NBA Games. These will help you remember Wayne’s love for basketball before he went off the deep end and ethered the Heat the other night. Click through the gallery and check them out.