4 Ways to Survive Being ‘The New Girl’


Being the new girl in a group of women can get very ugly, very quickly (can you say Basketball Wives?). It may not be your forté to float through a room like a social butterfly, but it is possible to blend seamlessly into a new circle of ladies if you’re mindful of a few things.

Don’t let social awkwardness or the fear of new people break you out into a cold sweat. Accept the next invitation to link with a new flock of women with confidence by enlisting these four easy-to-remember strategies.

1. Smile!

Disarm any “hatin” off the bat by flashing your pearly whites. Look like you’re elated to be there, not that you were dragged there by your tresses. If you leave the ladies with the impression that you are bubbly and personable, they will be more inclined to include you in the festivities. However, beware of  plastering a forced grin on your face all night, otherwise you’ll wind up looking like a deranged cheerleader.