5 Artists Who Should Perform At Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Are you still riding high off the performance that Beyonce put on during her halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday? Of course you are. Even though it’s been about two days now since the performance, Bey killed it and shut down the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with her performance. It was one of the best Super Bowl performances we’ve seen in recent years.

You know what we’re even more excited about, though? Next year! We still have about 360 more days until Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, but we’re excited because Beyonce finally showed the Super Bowl committee that they can stop picking “safe” (read: OLD!) acts for the Super Bowl halftime show in the wake of 2004’s infamous “Nipplegate.” They can pick young, exciting, energetic acts to take the Super Bowl stage—and not fear the FCC when they do it!

With that in mind—and with Beyonce’s performance still fresh on our minds—we decided to throw together a list of the 5 Artists Who Should Be Asked To Perform At Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Which of these acts would you like to see at Super Bowl XLVIII? Click through the list and then let us know.